Dear Reader,

In the meantime the whole world has taken measures due to the coronavirus. Almost everyone around the world will feel the consequences of these measures.

It is to be expected that as a result our projects will be delayed. This is unfortunate because next to the projects we are sharing in this newsletter, we are working on a lot of interesting projects and developments.

So far we have learned that IR companies are going to be in trouble as well. These extraordinary circumstances are a challenge to deal with, especially for foreign companies. Which is why we immediately have offered our help to the IR companies regarding the special measures that have been or will be taken.

In this tumultuous time we feel that it is important to stay positive and keep you up-to-date on the interesting things that are still happening. Despite the fact that we are all working from home, we will do everything we can to make sure our continuity and availability stays the same.

Stay healthy, together we will be able to tackle this threat by making the right decisions.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter.