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High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM)


Flevoland provides a great location for companies in the area of High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM). We are strategically located in the center of the Netherlands, a country whose high tech industry is among the most innovative in the world. Fueled by world-class, open innovation R&D, the sector consists of many firms involved in materials-related research and development in the Netherlands.

The Flevoland region provides:

  • Locations close to Amsterdam-Schiphol in the middle of the Netherlands
  • Large plots at affordable prices
  • Very strong infrastructure with all modalities present
  • An international talent pool that understands your business
  • Great quality of life

The Flevoland region is a completely engineered landscape. The land was reclaimed from the sea mid 20th century to provide space. Space for farmers to produce food, space for businesses to be successful, space for education and innovation and space for people to live and enjoy. In just 80 years, Flevoland has developed into a thriving region that combines urban areas, state-of-the-art arable farming, a diverse business community and a well-developed infrastructure with still ample space for new businesses.

Flevoland is strong in the field of technology, manufacturing and in the high-tech agri-food sector. There are many companies engaged in manufacturing of a wide range of products, machinery and components, ranging from semiconductor equipment (ASMI), to composites, packaging, food processing equipment, to automobiles (Donkervoort) and many more. Flevoland is therefore very important for many technology supply-chains in Europe and especially in the Netherlands.

The majority of manufacturing in Flevoland is done by SME companies whom are internationally competitive. Their innovative products travel the whole world and you could well be using their innovation indirectly yourself. With this background of technology manufacturing our workforce has experience which could suit your business very well.

Smart Mobility
Together with the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW), the German-Dutch Wind Tunnels (DNW) and the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), an innovative multimodal ‘Smart Mobility’ cluster has been set up and expanded in Marknesse. This cluster has resulted in the Mobility and Infrastructure Test Center (MITC). The MITC facilitates testing smart mobility applications in a real-life environment, and contributes to the goals of the national program ‘Smart Mobility. Dutch Reality’’.

In a controlled real-life environment, communication between vehicle and environment can be tested. In this way, the MITC contributes to the careful use of data exchange and connectivity. Marknesse distinguishes itself by the wide range of possibilities for innovation, cross-overs between modalities and accelerating time-to-market.

The Netherlands has the highest density of charging stations for electric vehicles per square meter. Many of the charging systems are from Alfen, one of the companies based in Flevoland actively working to enable the EV transition. With two ports (Flevokust & Urk Maritime), Lelystad airport and the ambition to facilitate the transition to electric mobility there are great opportunities in this region for businesses related to smart and electric mobility, no matter if it’s about electric vehicles, E-bikes, electric boats, drones or even electric flying. Hence it is no surprise that companies like Giant, Yanmar and Kyocera Senco choose Flevoland as the place to set up their European facilities.

Energy transition and the transition to a Circular Economy
Flevoland is a national frontrunner in the field of renewable energy and is characterized by a particularly large amount of green energy. There are many examples of initiatives to apply new energy solutions in Flevoland, like the GIGA storage, the biggest battery in the Netherlands to store electricity during those moments that there is an oversupply. Flevoland offers renewable energy solutions like wind, solar and hydrogen a lot of space to develop their potential.

Our province is also home to many companies working with circular business models in which they ensure that their products are designed in a way which will enable them to reuse their resources once the life-cycle of their product has ended. This offers opportunities to partner with Dutch companies whom are leading the revolution to circular business models.

ICT & Digitalization
In Almere there is a cluster of ICT companies which are enabling a wide range of service providers to digitalize their services. These ICT companies have enhanced a pool of ICT talent and have an ideal location right in the middle of the logistics hotspot Flevoland. Together they offer a complete ecosystem for the digitalization of businesses.

Urk Maritime
Urk Maritime is the leading international maritime center. Its focus is on shipbuilding, maritime supply and services. The maritime cluster development focuses on innovation and cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions, educational organizations and governments in the maritime sector. Innovative projects within themes of smart industry, smart shipping, sustainability and innovative use of materials. The future construction of the port (10 Ha) outside the dykes, a new business park and a Maritime Campus will make Urk even more appealing as a place for maritime companies to set up business.

Access to know-how and talent
Within easy driving distance, you will find university campuses that are relevant in the area of robotics, sensor technology, big-data, chemistry and/or AgTech. These relevant education and know-how institutes are University of Delft, University of Twente, Wageningen University and Research (WUR), Aeres University of Applied Sciences, TNO Delft and Den Helder, the National Institute for Aerospace and the connected tech-park that focusses on geomatics and autonomous vehicles.