Foreign Direct Investments

Horizon is more than happy to introduce you to the right people in its network, such as Dutch authorities, education and knowledge institutions and commercial partners. Horizon can assist you with any of the following and arrange tailor-made support and advice:

  • Information on the many aspects of the Dutch investment climate (e.g. legislation, regulations, taxes)
  • Information on and assistance in obtaining visas and work permits
  • Information and advice on and assistance in developments and new investment projects
  • Access to local, regional, national and international networks
  • Introductions to the Dutch authorities (municipal, provincial and national) and other public organisations
  • Introductions to commercial service providers, such as consultants, agents, lawyers, and recruitment & selection agencies
  • Support in resolving bottlenecks in the Dutch investment climate
  • Information and advice on and assistance in finding and applying for subsidies and other incentives
  • Organisation of various events (network meetings, round-table meetings, network dinners)