Foreign business development

To help entrepreneurs in Flevoland develop international trade activities more easily, effectively and efficiently, Horizon created the Foreign Business Development programme. Networks and connections are developed within this programme, aimed at supporting the entrepreneur during international trade activities. To activate, inform, connect and support: these are Horizon's core activities in this programme.

Advantages of the Foreign Business Development Programme

  • Horizon supports the network of entrepreneurs to grow towards global entrepreneurship. This creates a better business climate. For instance global mindedness, innovation, and more staff with international working experience.
  • Collaboration of entrepreneurs in Flevoland with the international companies. This could be realised by optimising the supply of raw materials and services in Flevoland. For instance, Horizon might link a business that produces certain food-related ingredients to farmers open to innovation, able to supply new crops.
  • The international company could use the products of businesses in Flevoland in its native country, for instance by promoting innovations, because businesses in Flevoland could start to export to that native country. Take a look at innovative techniques in greenhouse construction, a topic in ‘Feeding the Cities’ in the USA..