Foreign business development - Horizon Flevoland

Foreign business development

Many entrepreneurs in Flevoland already know the path to international success. But it’s still nice to have a helping hand. We are here to help you take stock of your current international ambitions and to focus on the most interesting opportunities for your business. Horizon Flevoland has a large and expanding network, both domestically and abroad, that we would love to put to work for you. Click here to view this information in Dutch.

What do we offer?

  • Market information
  • Access to international networks of entrepreneurs and / or (non)governmental organizations
  • Matchmaking with potential partners in your target markets
  • Help in focusing on the right market for your business
  • Opportunity to participate in international trade missions or exhibitions with organizational and financial support
  • Events to share knowledge and information with other entrepreneurs
  • Brainstorming & sparring over possibilities
  • Subsidy vouchers for market research or participation in international events

Voucher for international trade

Alongside the vouchers for Knowledge & Expertise, Personal Development and Business Education, the offering has been expanded with a voucher for International Trade. With this voucher, companies can acquire knowledge and facilities from third-parties to promote further growth abroad. The voucher can also be used for participation at an international exhibition or in a trade mission.
Click here for more information (in Dutch).


Would you like to learn more about the opportunities for your company? Get in touch. We are always eager to discuss how to broaden your company’s horizons.