The Province of Flevoland, also known as the east wing of Greater Amsterdam, is a gateway to the European market with over 350 million consumers within a 800 miles/1,300 km radius. You may well consider Flevoland a top area to locate a Europe-based business, as it offers a wide variety of opportunities ranging from access to a vast talented workforce, an efficient infrastructure and logistics, a beneficial investment climate and an abundance of space. And Flevoland offers a high but affordable quality of life with a surprising variety in lifestyle and entertainment.

The Flevoland region, to which Horizon provides its services, appeals to:

Industries Such As

  • Agri/food and Renewable energy
  • Wholesale, Retail and Trading
  • Transport, Logistics and Warehousing
  • ICT, Data, Cloud storage, Hardware and Software
  • Engineering (industrial), Machinery and Tools

Main Activities

  • Assembly and value added logistics
  • Data centres, ICT and electronics
  • ┬áDistribution centres, service centres
  • EU HQ and Marketing & Sales
  • Technical centres and engineering