Circular pallets made of onion peel and foliage

Waterman Onions in Emmeloord enters into an innovative partnership with Tolsma Grisnich.They want to use onion waste to make circular pallets. Waterm...

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Gathering around the ‘digital kitchen table’ to talk about the developments and possibilities in the Flevoland agricultural sector

On 1st February, Digni van den Dries, project leader of Akker van de Toekomst (‘Field of the Future'), spoke with a group of farmers from Flevoland ...

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Horizon joins Agrofoodcluster as newest partner

Horizon, the regional development agency for Flevoland, has joined the Agrofoodcluster as the newest partner.  This step is intended to strengthen an...

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Internationalization in Flevoland

Internationalization is an important spearhead of Flevoland's regional development agency Horizon. Horizon works on all facets of internationalization. That is to say: we assist foreign entrepreneurs and investors interested in relocating to or already established in Flevoland and we support Flevoland businesses with international aspirations.

“The great advantages of having a site in Flevoland in particular, are the room for establishment and expansion, short lines of communication with local government, and the central location in terms of transport and logistics” - Giant