Recently, the Amsterdam region announced to want to exercise caution in its offer of space to meet the growing demand for data centres. For some time now, Flevoland has been pleased with the interest of the large players in this field. The hyper-scale data centres are searching the country ever more intensively for business locations with potential. For ‘intersections’ where large-scale space, energy supplies (preferably sustainably generated), cooling water/use of residual heat and connections (digital and logistical) meet.

With the Province of Flevoland, Horizon will research the options that the Province has to offer in more detail. Data centres tend to be surrounded by negative sentiment. Based on Horizon’s talks and experience of the past few years, that seems unjustified, as long as they handled cooperatively. The builders of the data centres are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment (positive and negative) and as such are most willing to come to a good integration. Flevoland has a lot to offer regarding their wish list and we would love to see how we can turn this into a win-win situation.