Waterman Onions in Emmeloord enters into an innovative partnership with Tolsma Grisnich.
They want to use onion waste to make circular pallets.

Waterman Onions uses around 2000 pallets per week, which are sold with the batches of onions. 90% of these pallets are never returned and are loaded onto shipping containers. This gave them the idea to research whether they could use onion peel and foliage to make pallets.

Together with Tolsma Grisnich they are going to experiment with this. The aim is to make three types of pallets: recyclable, reusable and biodegradable. They are still searching for a partner that can supply a binding agent to bind the fibres in the product to make the product stronger. They intend to eventually set up a production line on their site where they can manufacture their own pallets.

Project waste flows Flevo Campus
Horizon Flevoland was commissioned by Flevo Campus, in collaboration with Aeres University of Applied Sciences and Wageningen University & Research (WUR), to begin research into interesting business cases relating to the economic value of waste flows, such as onion peel, foliage and vegetables.

Innovative entrepreneurs from Flevoland can also use the Flevo Campus voucher to take advantage of the research capacities of Aeres University of Applied Sciences, the WUR and TU Delft to gain an answer to a knowledge-based question. The question must be related to food (production, processing, distribution, consumption or the economic value of waste flows).

If you would like to find out more, or if you have an idea relating to the economic value of waste flows or interest in the Flevo Campus voucher, please contact Karin Senf, via karin@horizonflevoland.nl