Together with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and the Gemeente Lelystad, Horizon Flevoland welcomes BESTSELLER from Denmark in the Netherlands.

In the coming year, BESTSELLER will begin construction on a high-tech logistics centre in the Netherlands. The new logistics centre will be a significant step in the expansion of the company’s supply chain and will help BESTSELLER simultaneously increase its capacity and get even closer to its European customers.

BESTSELLER will get even closer to its customers in the coming years with the establishment of a new high-tech logistics centre in the Netherlands. The logistics centre, which will be built near the city of Lelystad, will help support BESTSELLER’s growth, and the significant investment will be a substantial step in the expansion of the company’s supply chain.

“We have great ambitions, which this project emphasises, and we are very happy to have the opportunity to build the logistics centre of the future at the perfect location. Logistics has never been more important for companies, as we have seen in recent months, and we will take another quantum leap with this,” says Thomas Børglum Jensen, CFO, BESTSELLER.

BESTSELLER has bought a plot of 28 hectares and expects the logistics centre will cover just over 100,000 square metres.

“In recent years, we have experienced an increasing need for capacity in our supply chain, and we have found an optimal location for a centre that can strengthen our entire logistics setup. That is why we are investing ambitiously and building a warehouse that is going to be groundbreaking in both its technology and its foresight. It will be a significant milestone for our future ambitions and growth,” says Thomas Børglum Jensen.

Job creation and highly skilled specialists

The new logistics centre will also contribute to job creation in the local area, with BESTSELLER expecting to employ more than 250 in the warehouse. A large percentage of the employees will be highly specialised engineers, electricians and experts in logistics and supply chain operations.

“We have been very aware of the opportunities in the area, a strong local environment, and great cooperation with the local authorities. We want to create a very attractive workplace and a technological powerhouse, which means that we must recruit a lot of very skilled colleagues. We are completely convinced that we can do this in Lelystad, and we are looking forward to becoming a part of the community,” explains Thomas Børglum Jensen.

Adam Elzakalai, who is an alderman from the local municipality, points out – among other things – that BESTSELLER’s focus on creating good jobs and sustainable solutions, which will be incorporated in the logistics centre, is particularly positive:

“We are pleased with the arrival of BESTSELLER in Lelystad. BESTSELLER is an excellent logistics company and we are proud that – in combination with the port – we can offer them the space and access they are looking for in Port of Flevokust. There is a lot of interest from companies for business locations at Port of Flevokust; one of the logistics hotspots in the Netherlands. The arrival of BESTSELLER is good for the economy of Lelystad and is expected to provide 250 to 500 jobs for the city.”

BESTSELLER expects to start using the logistics centre no later than the beginning of 2026. The following parties have contributed to this result: regional development agency Horizon Flevoland, the NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency) and the provincie of Flevoland.