Agrifood/agtech - Horizon Flevoland


The Flevoland region is a completely engineered landscape. The land was reclaimed from the sea mid-20th century to provide space. Space for farmers to produce food, space for businesses to be successful, space for education and innovation and space for people to live and enjoy. In just 80 years, Flevoland has developed into a thriving region that combines urban areas, stateof-the-art arable farming, a diverse business community and a well-developed (knowledge) infrastructure with still ample space for new businesses.

Flevoland provides great locations and room to grow for agrifood and agtech companies. We are strategically located in the center of the Netherlands, the 2nd exporter of agrifood in the world, and are setting the example in terms of innovative, sustainable and effective production systems.

The Flevoland region provides:

  • A thriving agrifood and agtech ecosystem that leads the way in production methods, output,
    sustainability, innovation and collaboration
  • Strategic location and excellent logistics
  • Proximity to various universities and campuses
  • An international talent pool that understands your business
  • Room to grow your business
  • Locations close to Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport
  • Companies like McCain, Yakult and Yellow Chips

Setting examples and providing solutions.
The world is challenged to increase the availability of healthy and nutritious foods while reducing the impact on the soil and the environment. We have a role to play in meeting this challenge. Flevoland is the beating heart of smart arable farming and agtech in the Netherlands. We aim to be the location where solutions for global challenges in arable farming and food provision are developed and demonstrated to the world.

Flevoland focuses on 3 subsectors in agri-food and agtech: Pre-harvest, post-harvest and food business

From seeds of companies like KWS to satellite-based insights by Geo4A, Flevoland is on the forefront of cutting-edge agricultural technology. The region is known worldwide for the strength of its potato sector.  Global players such as Agrico and Stet have their headquarters and develop strains that are grown all over the planet.  Flevoland is also ahead of the curve when it comes to organic farming, with the highest rate of organic production in the Benelux.  The unique composition of the soil in the Flevoland polders (which used to be at the bottom of the sea!) makes this an ideal location for experimentation as well.  That’s why Wageningen University & Research (WUR) located their first Farm of the Future here, where scientists and practitioners from around the world can experiment new growing and harvesting techniques. New techniques are also being developed to support the sustainable fisheries of the future.

The Netherlands is a global leader in the mechanization and digitalization of agriculture and Flevoland offers an incredibly strong ecosystem for global players in such fields as harvesters, (optical) sorting equipment, processing and hygienic installations and various other aspects of the agrologistic value chain.  From startups designing unique machines to remove beetles from plants in the field to firms designing and implementing complete processing lines. From companies such as Tolsma Grisnich, Zuidberg and VHM to DT Dijkstra and Omnivent. Flevoland has it all.

Food business
With so much happening within the fields of Flevoland, it comes as no surprise that this region also plays a strong role in European food markets with companies like McCain, Yakult, Yellow Chips, Seafood Connection, Plukon, Marfo and Farm Dairy. From processing all those potatoes to shipping onions and other vegetables around the world, food from Flevoland can be found on plates from here to Tokyo. More than €500 million in fresh and frozen fish is processed each year for European and global markets.  With more than 140 million consumers within 500 km, Flevoland is an ideal location for value-added food industries.

Access to know-how and talent
Within 100 km driving distance, you will find 10+ university campuses that are relevant in the areas of arable farming, robotics, sensor technology, big-data, chemistry and/or agtech. Among these campuses are Amsterdam Green Campus and the campus of Wageningen University & Research Centre (WUR), the latter currently ranked no. 1 worldwide in the agricultural domain. The main location for studies on field crops and smart arable farming of WUR is based in Lelystad with an additional facility in Nagele. On top of this the Wageningen Institute for Bioveterinary Sciences is located in Lelystad. Other relevant education- and know-how institutes are Aeres University of Applied Sciences with locations in Almere, Dronten and Wageningen, FlevoCampus in Almere, the National Institute for Aerospace and the connected techpark that focusses on geomatics and autonomous vehicles.

Dedication and synergy
Success requires dedication from all parties in the production chain. Private and public parties in Flevoland are dedicated and work together to strengthen the cluster and provide a business climate and -culture supporting a healthy and sustainable future. Active cluster organizations like Farm of the Future, Agrofoodcluster are in place. National- and local government stimulate and fund projects to build on current success. The regional development agency Horizon supports the current community, innovative start-ups as well as foreign businesses that are considering to set up in Flevoland. This way, newcomers can benefit from everything that Flevoland has to offer and contribute to its future success.