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Horizon welcomes new team leader international


On September 1, we welcome Ties Elzinga as our new team leader international. Currently Ties is working as executive...

Interview with Qing Marr-Li for the Chinese New Year


The Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is the most important of all holidays in China. During...



Team International of Horizon Flevoland would like to thank all our relations for the trust, support and cooperation in...


Internationalization is an important spearhead of Flevoland’s regional development agency Horizon. Horizon works on all facets of internationalization. That is to say: we assist foreign entrepreneurs and investors interested in relocating to or already established in Flevoland and we support Flevoland businesses with international aspirations.

“The great advantages of having a site in Flevoland in particular, are the room for establishment and expansion, short lines of communication with local government, and the central location in terms of transport and logistics” – Giant